Frequently Asked Questions

After the correct input of the form you can download the PDF directly. We can also send it to you by e-mail if you select this option. Sending the e-mail should take a maximum of three minutes. If you still do not have an e-mail in your inbox within that time, we recommend that you check the spam folder. Our e-mails are guaranteed to be free of any kind of viruses or the like.
We do something really crazy with your data: We delete all form entries from our server automatically! These are only buffered for the generation of the PDF and the dispatch by e-mail.
This not only protects the privacy of our users, our service is also not an attractive target for hackers, because there is hardly any data to steal.

Note: It can take up to one hour until the data has been deleted.

We strongly recommend that you do this to protect yourself legally. Of course, this is only a recommendation, but what if your resignation were to be “lost”?
We take your privacy seriously! Instead of using servers abroad (which would definitely be cheaper) we have our server directly in Switzerland. In addition, the transmission of your data to Vertragshilfe is continuously encrypted using SSL.
This service is simply intended to serve the purpose of making life a little easier. Because I was looking for such a service myself and could not find it, I decided to develop something like this for Switzerland.
You are welcome to contact us by e-mail and if there is sufficient demand, we will add your template. Please simply write to info (at) vertragshilfe (dot) ch
We have tested this extensively. However, this is difficult for us because printers often handle the margins differently. It would be great if you could send us your PDF and the name of your printer by e-mail to info (at) vertragshilfe (punkt) ch