Create a Cancellation Letter in German for Your Swiss Health Insurance

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Details About Terminating Your Health Insurance:

Canceling health insurance policies can be quite complex. Our form allows you to terminate your policy for many different cases. You can create a notice letter for your whole family or simply for yourself. Also it is possible to cancel only part of your health insurance, e.g., only your supplementary insurance.
Additionally, we add signature fields for all persons (above 18 years old) to the notice, so it will be legally secure.

Example of notice letter:

Krankenkasse Kündigung Mustervorlage

Create my notice letter

Questions about termination with Health Insurance companies:

To which address should I send the cancellation?

Health insurance companies usually have different agencies for the respective areas of responsibility. It is best to send the notice of cancellation to your responsible general agency. However, it is also no problem if you send the notice to the general customer service of your insurance company. We have listed the addresses of the Swiss health insurance companies for you on our german version.

What are the notice periods for health insurance?

Since the basic insurance is regulated by law, there are some points to consider here. You can basically change your health insurance every year. In most cases, you need to notify your health insurance until the 30th of November (there are some exceptions which make it possible to cancel earlier). Additional insurances do have different rules, depending on your policy. In most cases, there is a notice period of 3 months on additional health insurance for a yearly subscription. This means you would need to cancel your additional health insurance latest on the 30th of September.

In which format should I send the notice?

With health insurance companies it is always advisable to send the cancellation by registered mail. Certain health insurance companies do not accept notices of termination by fax or e-mail and want to have a signed written notice of cancellation. Please note that in the case of a cancellation with several persons (or for families), all insured persons over the age of 18 must sign the cancellation. Our form automatically generates fields for the signature of these persons.

I am moving within Switzerland, can I cancel immediately?

Frequently, the premium rises due to a move (because one has of course chosen a cheap insurance for the former place). Unfortunately, moving within Switzerland does not give you an opportunity to cancel.

I am moving abroad, can I cancel immediately?

When you move abroad, it is customary for you to be able to cancel your health insurance at any time during the current year. It is important that you have a confirmation of deregistration issued and enclose it with the notice of termination. As long as you are registered in Switzerland, you need compulsory basic insurance.