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Info on the period of notice:

Typically, rental agreements for parking spaces in Switzerland have a notice period of two weeks and can be terminated at the end of a month. It is important that you send the notice of termination in good time. At the latest, this should be five working days before the day on which the notice is due. This ensures that your lessor is informed in good time. We recommend ** to send the notice by registered mail. You can also create an out of fixed term notice here, which can be delivered personally or sent as a letter.

The template is suitable for:

  • Garage parking spaces
  • Parking spaces or Street parking
  • Motorcycle parking spaces

Example of a Notice Letter for a Parking Space

Example Termination Letter Parking Space

Create Notice Letter

Questions about the cancellation of car parking spaces:

My parking space belongs to the apartment do I still need to cancel it?

If the parking space is a secondary object of the apartment and is not declared as an independent rental object, it is usually not to be canceled individually. This even applies if there is a separate rental agreement. Of course, the lessor still has the freedom to accept your cancellation.

Are there statutory notice periods for parking spaces?

If the above case does not occur, i.e. the parking space was rented individually, the OR regulates this Lease Agreement. According to Article 266e, parking spaces can be canceled with a notice period of two weeks in the case of a rental period of one month.

Do I have to send the cancellation by registered mail?

It is recommended to have a confirmation from the Owner of your parking space when the cancellation was received. If you set up the form so that you personally deliver the cancellation, a signature field will be provided for both parties. This means that you can also have the confirmation signed by the Owner.