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About notice periods in Switzerland

Employment contracts of an indefinite duration in Switzerland typically have a notice period of at least one month (except during the probationary period). Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the notice period increases by a further month after one year and by three months from the tenth year of service (further information below). As a rule, the notice period is always the same for employees and employers. It is important that you send or hand in the notice in the month before the beginning of the notice period. This should be done no later than 5 days before the end of the month to ensure that your employer is informed in good time. We recommend that you send the notice of termination by registered mail if you do not hand it in personally.

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Questions about the termination of an employment contract:

Does the termination have to be in a specific form?

The termination of an employment relationship is not subject to a specific form. In theory, it is also possible to give notice orally, but this is not recommended because it is difficult to prove that the notice of termination has been given. In addition, the other party can even demand a written statement of reasons for the termination.

What notice periods must be observed during and after the probationary period?

Within the trial period, the notice period is 7 days. Thereafter, the notice period is at least one month, depending on the employment contract. If the notice period is not specified in the employment contract, the following periods apply:
– One month in the first year of service
– Two months from the second to the ninth year of service
– Three months from the tenth year of service

Should I submit the notice of termination personally or send it by post?

Both ways are basically safe. If you choose to use a form and hand in your notice personally, a field for your employer’s signature will be generated automatically. This allows you to request written confirmation from your employer. The date of termination is always the day on which the employer receives the notice of termination. This means that for the postal route, it is not the postmark that counts, but the receipt of the notice of termination.

Can I register with the RAV after I have canceled the contract myself?

Regardless of whether you resign yourself or are dismissed, you can register with RAV. However, there are probationary days to take into account, if you have terminated the contract yourself. This means that you will not receive unemployment benefit for those days.

Can I take my remaining holidays during the period of notice?

Vacation days should always preferably be taken. If your employer does not wish you to do this and wants to pay for the holidays, he must justify this.

What happens if I become ill within the period of notice?

If you have given notice yourself, the date of the last working day does not change. This is different if the employer has given you notice, in which case the notice period is extended.

Do I have to give a reason for resigning?

No! The statement of reasons is voluntary in Switzerland and is not recommended to be submitted in writing. However, it is advisable to inform the employer in an interview about the reasons that led to the resignation. This is important in order to give the employer the chance to improve things that could help your colleagues.