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General information on our termination notice:

You can quickly and easily choose which contracts you want to cancel with UPC-Cablecom. With our template we will create a PDF for you in about two minutes, which you only have to send to UPC Cablecom (preferably by registered mail) to cancel your contract. Should you no longer have availability of UPC due to a move, it is also possible to cancel within the contract period. We strongly recommend that you send a registered cancellation and not use Cablecom’s telephone service to make sure that your cancellation runs smoothly.

Example of a Cancellation Letter:

Cablecom UPC Kündigung Vorschau

Create Cancellation Letter

Questions about termination of a upc cablecom contract:

What is the notice period for a upc cablecom contract?

As a rule, upc cablecom offers contracts that last for at least 12 months with an unlimited running time. The notice period is two months. This means, for example, that even in the 11th month of a 12-month contract, you will not immediately be able to end the contract, but will remain a customer for another month. However, if you move to an address where Cablecom is not available, you can cancel at the end of the relocation month. Of course, this is also the case if you move abroad.

Why shouldn’t I cancel by phone?

UPC offers a termination hotline on 0800 989 989. Usually this works without problems and the termination can be processed faster. However, in this case, the customer does not have proof of termination. So if you want to be on the safe side, you should send a cancellation by registered mail. Besides it is the intention of the hotline to keep you as a customer and usually special deals are offered to you with that in mind.

What is the address for canceling a upc cablecom contract?

The address is:
UPC Switzerland GmbH
Post Office Box
8021 Zurich
In our cancellation form, the address is of course already entered.

Can I keep existing numbers?

Simply contact your new provider for more information. They will provide you with a form for transferring the phone numbers. If you have already canceled your contract, problems may arise. Therefore it is best to contact your new provider as soon as possible.

Where can I find the terms for my contract?

The general terms and conditions are made available online by upc.