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Terminating a rental contract in Switzerland

Typically, rental agreements in Switzerland have a notice period of three months. It is important that you send the notice a month before the start of the notice period. This should be done no later than 5 working days before the end of the month (in which you give notice) to ensure that your landlord is informed in good time and that the notice is legally effective. We recommend that you send the notice of termination by registered mail.
You can also create an out of fixed term contract termination. The PDF generator is also suitable for apartments, houses or studios. The process shouldn’t take more than two minutes.

Example of a Notice Letter:

Mietvertrag Kündigung Muster

Create notice letter

General questions about the termination of a tenancy agreement:

Is it necessary to give written notice of termination for tenancy agreements?

Yes! Even if there is no written tenancy agreement, it must be terminated in writing. If you submit the notice of termination personally, it is advisable to make a copy. If you hand in the notice yourself, we will automatically generate a signature field for your landlord to confirm receipt of the notice of termination.

Who needs to sign the notice of termination?

All tenants of the tenancy agreement must sign the notice. In our form you can add further persons so that a signature field is generated for each person.

What do I have to consider in case of early termination?

Early termination is possible if you propose a new tenant who is willing to take over the tenancy on the same terms. The landlord then has 30 days to check whether the new tenant is solvent, i.e. able to pay the rent.

What notice dates are to be observed?

In some cantons there are local termination dates which determine at which end of the month the notice can be given. If this termination is regulated differently in the tenancy agreement, these are not to be observed.